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    Job Description:

    Daily work responsibilities of structural engineer:

    Lead the formulation of structural design schemes and project plans, research and development of new structures and technologies, and undertake the detailed design of product structures and components; (including process and quality control, responsible for researching and confirming the manufacturability of parts and products). Responsible for sample development, commissioning and related technology, tolerance analysis and DFMA (design for manufacturing and assembly) inspection. Cooperate with IE engineer to conduct mold review, mold sample review, sample parts final approval. (Leading mold, tooling test mold).To provide the quality control department with safe and reliable technical data and various test standards. Lead to solve problems in product development, follow up problems and discuss technical problems with customers. Assist the procurement in the development and control of the outsourced and purchased parts first supplier; Communicate with suppliers about the quality of purchased products; Visit suppliers if necessary. Assist purchasing department to control, track and improve the quality of purchased products. Detailed record of new product development process, traceability, improve the product drawings, (fill in the sample initial inspection report), Prepare the process documents of each stage and test process planning per technical standards of the product. Responsible for collecting defective information of old products, making improvement plan and action, responsible for improvement verification and engineering change. Responsible for tracking the trial installation of samples, collecting customer feedback on product problems and assist in solving them. Analyze the nonconforming parts of newly developed products, find out the nonconforming reasons, and take preventive and corrective measures to ensure the stability of mass production. Firmly carry out and complete the task assigned by the superior leadership.


    Job Requirements:

    Basic skills of structural engineer .Master the design of plastic parts, sheet metal and die casting parts; Manufacturing-oriented design; Ensure simple design, high quality, fewer defects, low manufacturing cost, and the corresponding mold structure is simple, mold manufacturing and processing easy. Proficient in Solid works and AutoCAD; Grap the assembly design skills of products; Assembly oriented design; the assembly of products is as important as the manufacture of products. The assembly of products should make the assembly process simple, high assembly efficiency, few assembly defects, low assembly cost and high assembly quality. Common assembly design guidelines include reducing the number of parts, simplifying the product structure, parts standardization, product modularization, designing a stable base, design-oriented features, parts first positioning and then fixing, error-proof design, ergonomic design, etc. Know well the tolerance analysis; Be able to use tolerance analysis to optimize product design quality and solve practical problems encountered in product development. Familiar with material, die and surface treatment process.

    The working spirit and professional quality of structural engineer

    Self-confident, respect for labor, ability and humanity, professional, dedicated, honest, trustworthy. An engineer should know exactly what he should do and how to do it. (In-depth understanding of job title).Be able to do it convincingly and clearly understand each device.

    Establish and maintain the authority of the engineering department, but never interfere with the work instructions of other department heads, let alone treat any colleagues roughly. Understand your own goals, communicate more, give fewer orders, eliminate conflicts, and regard the improvement of output and quality and tracking as part of yourself. Review, reasonable time allocation work objectives every day, Take responsibility for your own mistakes

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